Football lovers all across the world woke up to a surprising news from the Spanish FA over the midweek after it was reported that the much anticipated El-Classico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid was postponed from October 26th to December 18th, 2019 as a result of political unrest in Spain.

This article takes a look at why the most watched game in club football (El-Classico) was postponed to December.

During the midweek, Spanish court sentenced nine Catalan activists and politicians to between six to ten years jail terms for their roles in 2017 fight for freedom from Spain for the Catalunya to become a country on its own. They were also sentenced for sedition and misuse of public funds.

Protesters wave Catalan independence flags in the street in Barcelona, Spain, on Friday, following a week of demonstrations over the prison sentences given to separatist politicians by Spain’s Supreme Court.

Reports have it that over 500,000 Catalans came out to protest the heavy judgement melted on the activists and in the process, 207 Spanish Police Officers were injured, 107 police vehicles destroyed and 800 bins were set on fire.

The unrest led to the Spanish FA proposing the match be played at Real Madrid home, Santiago Berbabeau as against Camp Nou, the home of Barcelona where the first leg was supposed to hold. Both teams disagreed to the proposal, which left the FA with no other choice but to postpone the clash to the 18th of December.

Reports also have it that protesters were planning to stage a massive protest at the Camp Nou entrance before the kickoff of the match which officials fear could lead to destruction of properties and perhaps, loss of lives as protesters might hijack the match and change it into an unwanted clash.

The protest did not affect the weekend’s matches across Spain but the anxiety and attention that comes with the El-Classico led to the postponement.

This weekend’s matches has seen Barcelona climb to the top of the league after winning away 3 – 0 against Eibar while Real Madrid who now occupy the second position having lost away 0 -1 to Real Mallorca.

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