Earlier today, Futbol Club Barcelona officially announced that winger and French player, Ousmane Dembele will be out for another six months after undergoing operation in Finland, after he developed another injury while recuperating from a six weeks injury.

This article takes a look at how injuries have dealt a big blow to the talented player’s career since arriving Barcelona from Borussia Dortmund.

According to transfermarkt.com, Dembele has suffered 11 different injuries since arriving Barcelona and his new injury is the longest as he will miss 180 days of football and 19 matches in the process.

According to some unfounded reports, it was said that Dembele is the cause of his own continuous injuries as the player fails to listen to his doctors who have told him what to eat and not to but the French man fails to listen which led Barcelona to employing a nutritionist to monitor his diet.

With his continuous and non ending injuries, Dembele’s football career makes one fear for his one time blistering career as the player has never gone a full season without going on a major injury since arriving three seasons ago.

The World Cup winner has also been missing in the call up squad for his National team because of injuries and loss of form. Dembele is losing the confidence of both his national team and club side as a result of his injuries, which is a call for concern for the Barcelona and France.

Dembele used to be one of the most talented players when he broke into limelight at Rennes before moving to Dortmund, but since joining Barcelona, the player has dropped in form, majorly because of injuries.

We hope that when Dembele returns from this long term injury, he will regain his fine form and go on to play for many years without any injury with Barcelona seeing him as one of the long term replacements for Lionel Messi.

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