Barcelona fans on popular social media platform, Twitter have largely voted that club Captain and superstar, Lionel Messi should leave the club at the end of the season as they believe that the club is becoming over reliant on Messi and Barcelona is too big a club to depend on just one player.

A Twitter user ran a poll and asked if the Argentine Star should leave the club at the end of the season or not and surprisingly, most of the fans voted in favour of him leaving the club.

A whooping 56.1% of fans believe that Barcelona should leave the Club at the end of the season, 31.8% want him to stay while 12.1% are indifferent on either they want him to leave or not.

Many fans are calling on the living legend to leave Barcelona because the club is too dependent on him, which has made the team become weak and predictable. Also, the over dependency on Messi has made the other players relax on their abilities and rely on Messi alone to always win them matches.

Furthermore, a sect of Barca fans say they know that his departure from his childhood club will affect the club a lot for many seasons and might even go trophyless for some years but it is better to start facing life after Messi now than wait for him to retire.

However, some Barcelona fans disagree with him leaving at the end of the season. Why is because they want him to end his illustrious career at Barca and they can not bear to see him wear another team’s jersey. Also because Barcelona will become a shadow of itself if Messi should leave at the end of the season.

Few days ago after surprisingly losing at home to Osasuna, Messi busted out in anger and criticized the lackadaisical attitude from the players on the field of play and also stated that if the team continues to play like that, they will surely be eliminated from the Champions League, which is the only trophy left for the team to count on this season.

Messi’s comment has been interpreted in many ways with some fans suggesting that Messi is getting tired of Barcelona and might eventually say goodbye to the team very soon, while others think he only made the statement so that other players can get back to their good forms.


Messi has so far played 728 games since making his first team appearance while scoring an impressive 631 goals in the process and giving 284 assists.

Messi is the all-time highest goal scorer for Barcelona and also in the history of the Spanish League.

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