This article takes a critical look at the five possible replacements for Barcelona head coach, Ernesto Valverde as fans continue to call on the club management, headed by president, Josep Bartomeu to sack the coach after unimpressive display anytime Barcelona plays away from home.

On the hills of the sack of Bayern Munich coach, Nico Kovac yesterday after a shameful  5 – 1 away loss to fellow German team, Einstein Frankfurt, Barcelona fans have also called on the club management to follow suit and show the coach the exit door.

Despite the fact that the board are not saying anything or showing signs of sacking Valverde, this article will propose a set of coaches who will possibly take over in case the management decides to sack the coach.

First on the list of replacement for Valverde is Netherlands coach, Ronald Koeman.

A former player of Barcelona and the second highest scorer of free kicks for the club behind Lionel Messi. Koeman was last season rumored to be considered for the coaching role at Barcelona after we lost to Liverpool in the semifinal of the Champions league.

Koeman who once coached Southampton and Everton in England is doing wonders with his country’s national team, making them one of the best footballing countries in the world right now. The Netherlands national team has witnessed immense improvement since his appointment as coach.

Recall that Koeman scored the only goal that gave Barcelona her first Champions League trophy in 1992 against Sampdoria, he scored from a free kick spot. So, Koeman knows the philosophy of the club and having trained under the great Johan Cruyff, one would agree that he will do well as coach of the Catalan club.

Next on the list of the potential coaches to replace Valverde is Arsene Wenger.

Wenger who clocked 70 years of age recently is unarguably the most successful coach in Arsenal Football Club history by winning them the Premier League, FA Cup, Coomunity Shield, Carling Cup and a finalist in the UEFA Champions League.

Wenger spent over two decades in Arsenal where he made them one of the most successful clubs in England, he also discovered tens of players for Arsenal. The Frenchman retired from coaching two seasons ago and he is presently a football pundit for a sports channel.

With the wealth of experience Wenger has and his style of play which matches exactly with Barcelona’s, Wenger will no doubt bring back the style of play and dominance we used to have.

The only worry Barca fans will have is, if he will win trophies for the club, judging by how the drought of winning win trophies for Arsenal. But as for the style of play, Barcelona will definitely dominate the pitch of play because Wenger believes in tiki-taka.

Third on the list is Erik Ten Hag, Ajax Amsterdam Football Club coach.

Ten Hag came into the limelight last season after Ajax stunned the world of football by dumping teams like Juventus and Real madrid out of the Champions league while at the same time playing fantastic and fascinating football.

He also caught the attention of the world by using young players like Frankie Dejong and DeLigt to achieve the record and also going ahead to win the Eredivisie and the Dutch Cup in style.

Ten Hag was also last season rumored to be considered for the Barca coaching job before he extended his stay at Ajax. His style of play no doubt fits that of Barcelona perfectly well and judging by how well Ajax plays the tiki-taka football, one will have no doubt that he will succeed at Barcelona. Ten Hag is presently on the radar of Bayern Munich whom after sacking Nico Kovac are looking into the angle of the Dutchman.

Remembering that Hag was also an assist to former Barcelona coach, pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich, it gives one a rest of mind that he might replicate the success that Guardiola had while at Barcelona.

The fourth possible replacement is Marcelo Gallardo.

He is the present and most successful coach in the history of Argentine football team, River Plate. Gellardo is a former Argentine player who also played for clubs like Monaco, PSG, D.C United and River Plate.

His unique style of play and his team passing abilities caught the attention of Pep Guardiola who recommended him to Barcelona to sign as coach.

Though he is yet to coach any European team, but his tactical abilities and tiki-taka style makes one see him as a perfect replacement for Valverde. He coached Nacional for a season before moving to River Plate.

The former midfielder led River Plate to seven successful international trophies and still counting.

Gellardo might not be a known figure in Europe, but his style of play and dominance on the field of play will definitely see him prosper at Barcelona.

Last on the list is club legend, Xavi Hernandez.

Many will say Xavi just retired from football recently but the magic he is doing at Al Sadd in UAE makes you wonder if truly he is ready to wear the big shoes.

Xavi who holds the record for the most capped Barcelona player In history with 505 appearances is doing very well for himself as a coach presently, which makes him get considered for the role.

Another advantage for the former midfielder is, he perfectly understands the playing style of the club and went through the ranks before joining the senior team. He was tutored by the best hands like Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, Luis Enrique, and Frank Rijkaard.

Some say Xavi needs to gather more training courses and experience before assuming the role of coach at Barcelona but with the style going down the drain, it feels like the time has come for Xavi to assume the role and bring back the Barca style that we used to know and take the club back to its glory days.

Having analyzed the five possible replacements for Valverde, we keep hoping and praying that the Barcelona board will do the needful very soon by sacking Valverde as fans of the club are becoming tired of his services and the call for his sack continues to grow.

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  1. Very good write up. The 5 shortlisted candidates are the best to improve our football and maintain the tiki-taka legacy.

    • Thank you for taking your time to read and leave a comment. I’m also sure that if any of them is employed, Barca will go back to glory days.

  2. The last thing we need now is a coach with a small team mentality. Winning only the league might be an achievement for him but it’s way below our standards. Wenger and Ten Hag are the best options IMO.

    • I actually agree with you on the trophy mentality aspect but I also want to believe that Marcelo Gellardo will make a good coach and achieve greatness.


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