It initially felt like Barcelona had conquered another difficult away night in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night with a 1-2 win over Slavia Prague at the Sinobo Stadium, but after the match, no single Barcelona fan was happy with the display of the players, except goalkeeper, Ter Stegen.

Which raises the Question, “Half full or Half empty?”

The signings of Dutchman and former Ajax Amsterdam playmaker, Frenkie DeJong and French Nationale, Antoine Griezzman by the Barcelona board was thought to be a completion of the puzzle with Lionel Messi still being the ever effective joker. But as Ter Stegen rightfully stated after the last game , He said “A lot of things have to be discussed“.

It’s baffling how a team that had three strikers as the UCL highest goal scorers with a combined 30 goals after the 2015 success now have only a player (Lionel Messi) as the club’s highest goal scorer, with own goals coming next, for the past 3 seasons.

Futbol Club Barcelona
Arthur Melo of Barcelona celebrates after scoring his sides first goal during the Liga match between FC Barcelona and Villarreal CF at Camp Nou on September 24, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto)


There’s the case of Luis Suarez and his mouth gaping misses. But there’s a belief that his conversion rate will greatly improve if he has not only Messi but other strikers in the team pulling defenders and creating chances just like Neymar had been before his betraying departure.

One can’t help but wonder how Suarez has a very horrible and unimpressive records for the team in the Champions League after his first season. In the past four seasons, Suarez does not have a single goal away from Camp Nou in the Champions League.

As it stands, it doesn’t look good as a 120m Euro World Cup winner, Griezzman is wallowing ineffectively in a position which he doesn’t flourish in. Barcelona fans believe that head coach, Ernesto Valverde is using the striker out of position, which is the cause of his inability to influence and decide matches.

The above scenario reminds one of Brazilian and former Liverpool play maker, Felippe Coutinho who is presently on loan at German side, Bayern Munich after an unsuccessful first season with the Catalan giants. Analysts said Coutinho failed at Barcelona because the coach was using him on the wing instead of the midfield where he plays comfortably.

Ousmane Dembele is another case entirely, being a young striker with so much talent in his foot but very low end play in his playing kit, one expects Dembele to do lots of wonders at Barcelona. He will have to be able to control his movements after runs more concisely if he dreams to come close to the player whom he was bought to replace, Neymar.

If at all Barcelona and the board intend to lift trophies come May/June 2020, swift changes must be made, even an over haul, if need be.

Some fans are of the opinion that, until Valverde leaves the team, Barcelona will continue play unimpressive football.

So we ask you our esteemed and loyal readers, “WHAT IS THE MAJOR PROBLEM YOU SEE IN THE BARCELONA TEAM?”.

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  1. Honestly I have been an ardent follower of Fc Barcelona and I must say that our coach is the biggest problem we have in our team… When Enrique was here, he knew his team, even said “if they score 5, we will score 6. He was direct with his brand if football, today however we have a conservative coach who wants to play safe and sadly he’s so clueless. Let’s hope Ronald Coeman can come in next summer and transform this team if ours… Our coach is the biggest problem that we have in our club and team.

    • a lot of Barca fans what Valverde to get sacked but the management is not in line with that, let’s see how it all goes. Thanks for visiting and commenting, i hope you visit again soon.


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